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We have the biggest professional data base of Chinese entertainment performer.

We have about 700 professional actors and actresses (different ages & specialties) from more than 30 individual artists’ managers/ management companies in China / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Japan and the number is growing.

For all the artists listed on our site, we have DIRECT CONTACT with either their management companies or the artists themselves.

We provide cost-effective services in China so that you can stay back at home but are still able to monitor the casting progress well in advance.


We have extensive industry connections both in China and overseas.

ChinaCasting aims at solving the 3 major problems that overseas Casting Directors always encounter in China.

1. Not able to contact enough artists.
There are too many artist management companies scattered in different cities of China. Yet, few of them are connected by a single production services company or assistant director.
(There is no professional casting director in this part of the world. Casting is conventionally handled by assistant directors).
You can’t even find a comprehensive industry telephone directory here. In China, people have their relationships with their favorite companies written on their own phonebooks.

Solution: We merge the artist management companies into one single database

2. Not able to meet enough artists even you have found their contacts.
There are many productions filming in various locations all over China throughout the year. Very often good actors and actresses are engaged in shooting with some productions and therefore difficult to match with the overseas Casting Directors’ visiting schedules in China. Moreover, the work logistics in China have unfortunately remained quite inefficient in many senses. By the end of their trips, many casting directors may find that they have spent more time but met fewer artists than they have planned.

Solution: We tape the artists as according to your requirements and send it online

3. Not able to find the right artists even you have met many of them.
China has long underestimated the importance of casting compared to the outside world. In addition, artist management is still an infant business in China. Although there are many management companies, there is no industry standard, or system, in terms of service logistics and quality.

Solution: We provide casting services that are up to international standard.