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1Celebrity Management Service to help handling celebrities for commercial company. We will:
- Communicate with you;
- Find out your requirements;
- Help you to design and execute your plans
2Free advertising platform for overseas Film & TVC production companies to post their casting information.
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3Free promotional platform for Artist Management Companies and Individual Artist.
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4Free online access to the biggest data base of Chinese Entertainment Performers. 1234
5Professional Casting Service for Film &TVC production companies.
6We help you to secure the right spokesman/lady for your brands. We provide marketing research to locate the ideal spokesman/lady for your brands and use our connections to help you to negotiate with the celebrities about all the complicated legal and financial terms in China.
7We help you to handle all the changing rules and regulations in china. They include the areas of taxation, shooting or event permits, visas etc.
8Artist arrangement for all kinds of PR events.
9We help the mainland Film/TV production entities to invite overseas artists to participate in their projects and liaise with different parties.
10We provide full production services for TVC/PR events with our professional producer-partners.